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Luxury abundance:: Karan Johar

Part A:

Recently having written something about luxury in a person, I feel compelled to continue on the very line of thought. More so because I keenly observe & this person who exudes luxury totally takes me along to his dream world with his mere words, such that I am – a dreamer. After being introduced to luxury through my Grand Mum, as mentioned in my previous write-up, after a decade This is the person I want to keep looking at, listening to for the longest hours since his ways are nothing short of extra-ordinary. Though I also recall in this moment that I have also been so-totally-in-love & awed by the legend, Mr. Raj Kapoor & ever-so-charming, Mr. Shammi Kapoor post falling for my Grand Mum’s charm. Though, This man that I talk of is a living phenomenon I see today unlike the aforementioned.

Okay so it is not that This person, is the most physically attractive person I have ever seen, because there are innumerable such souls then, from Salman Khan to SRK to many others. And let me here say that I have been in love with Salman since Forever. That being said, when it is luxury we talk, This man surpasses all.

This man that I talk of has beautifully excelled all, in this regard & we call him as- Mr. Karan Johar.


{Photo 1}

He was majorly introduced to us through his love-sick, mushy movies which all us millennials totally fell in love with. And to me his movies- Oh Lord! (you have gotta see my expression, so dipped in love!). This man has evolved not only in his movies, through his movies, but also in the person that he is, which very well reflects in the way that he conducts himself. When he started off, he looked like a plump dunce (pardon please) & today he ignites every bit of the screen that he appears in. You call it his business acumen or whatever pleases you, but I call it his evolution through his efforts. You might call his ways effeminate, & so they are maybe to an extent, but then how does that make him any less enigmatic. He makes celluloid brilliance & then walks the ramp for Manish Malhotra & with such poise (the way he walked with such confidence, Lord it is captivating!), very well-knowing how he gets linked to his male BFFs & not dropping a dump to such comments. And please, if you see minutely, you must not see this as his arrogance or mere confidence but the ability to come out as he is, knowing he shall be called names. Despite it all, carrying on to be the same without giving a hoot. Let me remind you, when he de-tracked to the television arena with his Coffee with Karan (CwK) he not only aced it & made huge lumps of money (which no doubt he did) but also made us, as a society, more modern. While we were only just enjoying his CwK  seasons, we did not pay heed to the fact that KJ, if I may address him as that, was revolutionizing all of us to be more modern-ly vocal about how we felt. His show was, or is, not just merely a show of entertainment but what brought, which he himself might not have gathered till date, pompousness & openness to our society in a major way. Flaunting became a trend like never-before. It was not just his star guests who started to dress better & classier, but also the audience in general. It became a luxury wave that KJ created that does not know death till date & might never as well know. He very openly reacted to his male connections, even though “conjectures”, in a positive manner passing on a message to the people that it is Okay to be with a slightly different orientation & also talk about it (in all fairness, please note I do not mean to imply anything more than he himself has ever portrayed). He has, through his one TV show taught us all to further ape Westernization (which we all love), though, in the correct manner i.e. we not only dress well but also talk well. And shedding hesitations! The platform of his show made him evolve as a person that reflected in any & every interaction of his with media. When we were watching his shows for entertainment, we were quietly getting positively revolutionized.

Why do I talk of KJ? Why?

Do I wish him to just know or to impress him? Or do I secretly wish to star in his movie (oops movies!). Just why?

Yes, of course, all of the above!

Which girl would not want to? I do too & (man!) I DREAM of dancing in his movies & why not, I know I am good & worth it. I drool when I look at him & his opulent movies. I think I am short of words & flooded with love-filled expressions when I think of his movies that transport me to another world, his world. I almost like breathe his movies, in the sense that I see them & I have to shake myself to come out of them. I have forever been tagged as filmi & honestly, I enjoy being called that. But is that why I write this piece? Hell No!

I write this because I wish to give credit to the efforts of a man, likes of whom are born in decades, who profusely inspires me in his own peculiar ways. I might not even exist for this man or for anyone for that matter, but I am certainly the one that gives him his due cause I feel like he deserves it. I feel that every human lives once (hum ek bar jeete hain..) & one must get his/ her due in this lifetime (‘coz ek din bik jaayega maati k mol, jag mein reh jaayengey pyaare tere bol..). If you are open & willing to accept him, he is not out there for his petty controversies or “nepotism” but to be the man he is today- a man who worked upon himself so much so that he came to rule not only the movies, the TV but also now, the FM radio. My God! I was bamboozled to hear that he’s not leaving this either. Just no stone unturned!

When you see him ramp walk on Manish Malhotra show with suave, when you hear him talk effortlessly, using capturing vocabulary making his eloquence ever so evident, when you see him dance on any dance show or when you look at the footwear he adorns, you know that a man has made himself into a Luxury brand.


{Photo 2}

He has created this paradigm shift.

We all have been following the celebrities we like since forever, but when did this paradigm shift take place, recall & you would know- KJ through his luxury-filled show & attitude made us taste style (created the palate) & fashion in a whole new way. He altered, not just his nepotis-ed celebs, but also us commoners.



{Photo 3}

Do I want him to read this & appreciate me? Maybe yes, that is for the latter. The former is a definite yes! I’d like him to just read, hear this one voice that says that all that he has done & attained in his life till date is loved by many.

And I want to thank him for how he beautifully not just transformed himself, but unknowingly maybe, left an ever-lasting impact on our young society. He has allowed his luxurious ways to be accessible to our young commoners through his show & attitude, and that, slowly & gradually with his gripping movies & CwK seasons & whatnot.

Part B:

Okay please note that the above was what I wrote, if I recall right, back in 2018 when KJ was to appear in FM talk shows. *sigh* Hell! Life caught up & this piece of mine, close to my heart, laden with true emotions kept nudging me to come out in KJ’s view & here it is. Late, but better than never!

Well, not wanting to be termed blarney, hand on my heart I am compelled from within to write this personal outburst of emotions as a Part B since I have so much that I can write about KJ & just do not know where to stop. Especially since in all this time KJ has evolved even more & for better. It’s unfathomable. And my inkling to meet him, dance with him, have him read this piece in front of my eyes has grown enormously within me.


{Photo 4}

He’s this sensation to me that has an ever-flowing current within him. It stirs me within to do big & achieve bigger. I may not have achieved zilch but somehow, I share his passion & I see it, feel it every time I look at him. It seems I am an uber emotional soul like him with a mix of so many other things happy & not to skip the filmi keeda where the movie scene becomes our world which our writing also reflects (recently laid hands & started reading his book). Lord! I can go on. But maybe I save it for when I see him in flesh, if ever!

All I would like to say is more power to Mr. KJ- I know you know that you Rock. Just keep that going. Prayers for you.

Signing off with a trying-to-come-across-intellectual pic of mine like KJ shares all those quirky photos of his.


{Photo 5}

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Photograph source:

Stolen from the Instagram page of Mr. KJ



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Epitome of classic grandeur:: Chandrakanta Kapur

I beseech you-

Is luxury found only in a product, a vacation, clothing or anything that ends up subtracting your cash or could it be more– more than just squandering money, more than just being pompous?

Could luxury reflect in a person, could luxury ‘Be’ a person.

Pay it a minute, think & share down below.

Years back, I met a lady when I was still a young one. Not knowing then, what luxury meant what I would take from her? But from what I know today, I not only possess her genes but also her ultra luxurious personality that brushed onto mine while I was growing up. Well, if that sounds boastful, well it ain’t the intention, but the truth certainly be told. Little was it realized then, that her rich charm was silently enticing her grandchild i.e. me. I take the opportunity to introduce to you My Granny- Mrs. Chandrakanta Kapur.


{Photo 1} – Mrs. Chandrakanta Kapur (rightmost)

She was a lady with elite ways. She may not have been famous or known to the world but she oozed every bit of luxury in how she held herself. When I look back today, I tell you, all this story-telling is not because I was wowed by her as a kid & certainly not cause I am her rich bloodline– from an affluent family of pre-war era of Burma, now Rangoon. Also, I am not sure if this is the reason behind her sophisticated ways or was she just born to be so. All I know, to me she was the epitome of style laden with simplicity & I am her proud living legacy.

Let me tell you please, this is not the story of a wannabe kid wanting to grow up in haste at the blink of an eye to dress up in style. If you ever met her, My Grandmother, you would know she was not the most stylish, in terms of clothes & yet she commanded the attention of the room with her presence. And that is just what a then-kid like me got hooked onto. It was just her presence that made people re-look at her with love.

She had to forever leave her ancestral home, forced by war but she could not leave behind her rich past & her rich ways. She began to live the life of a middle-class commoner in India, yet years later when she’s physically gone, we still talk of & reminisce her uptight ways.

Maybe true, I have not chanced upon meeting all the Maharajas & Nawabs to know luxury in a person. However, I have chanced upon experience, experience that tells me that true class reflects finer, through a commoner who embodies it as opposed any person with a silver spoon with all the fortunate means to grow up in luxury.


{Photo 2} – Grand-daughter of The Lady, Ms. Vidhu Kapur

My Grandmother, as luck would have it, lived the life of a simple homely woman, nurturing soul worked hard to accustom herself to a commoner’s life & yet came out as a well-appreciated wife, a mother, a grandmother, unaware of the fact that she still carried on, to pass her rich lineage to me & all in The Family.

Why I tell you about her today is for you to know that luxury IS an experience & could very well be embodied by a person. Sometimes out of simplicity rises luxury, that, which shines out as the excelsior of luxury. My Grandmother was a simple woman yet she was the seed of luxury, as I see it, in me today. She did not have to be famous or rich to inspire me towards the material world of luxury. Today I pick on luxury items (the ones that I can afford) but what forever stands out is that it was no product or expensive material that brought me to This world. Rather it was a person, it was a simple person. She inspired luxury in me, to be that & to own that.

So I want you all to know that experiencing fulfilling life is not only about living happy. Though, that most definitely is a great deal. Experiencing rich & fulfilling life is also about keenly observing & living luxury the way one is blessed– as the real journey of life also stems out of the very life & people around who might be emanating luxury. I urge you to not miss out on this lovely life & the fabulous people we get to meet in it. Just keep your eyes & senses wide open– you shall know that luxury also lives within us– it is all about experiencing it.

And when you truly experience it, I would like you to answer my question again– is luxury found only through pots of money or did you also experience it in a person??

My Dearest GrandMother showering love from Heaven = Ultimate luxury of love that lives within just.vidhu.kapur

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Photograph source: Kapur’s & Khanna’s Family Album


Love your kitchen like your food :: Elegance, Nolte Kitchens

Germany, being a breathtaking, beautiful Western European country is home to revered names of history like Albert Einstein, Karl Marx and so on. Germany is also famous for its good life that is replete of Beethoven’s music, beer-cascading Oktoberfest, mountain-carved castles. And then, when it comes to luxury enthusiasts all over the world drool over German cars, namely Audi, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. That is the taste of luxury when it comes to Germany.

One such element of German luxury, beauty and class is the Nolte Kitchens GmbH & Co. KG, a kitchen furniture manufacturer and part of the Nolte Group.


{Photo 1}

A company founded by Georg Nolte in 1923 was specifically enlarged by his son, Konrad Nolte by 1947 wherein, he introduced modern ways of manufacturing resulting in a whole new revolution in the furniture industry.

With advancements and innovation that were closely intertwined with tradition, came to existence Nolte Kitchens in 1958. Nolte Kitchens has since maintained high quality standards that perfectly suit your style.

With a series of innovative kitchens getting produced to serve its customers according to their style, budget and size of their rooms, comes one that tells a unique story of its own like every Nolte kitchen – Elegance.

And with it, we get an addition to our luxury list.

Elegance by Nolte speaks the language of serenity and sheer beauty that is White. And as the “name says it all”, so does its colour.


{Photo 2}

When you look at the Elegance kitchen you know it comes from a background of utmost class. If it is a part of your home you would have a corner to love forever. This is a kitchen that helps you cater to your healthy living needs by means of good food and calming your senses. It is a distinct beauty that comes with chrome-finish handles, convenient glass panels, and frame fronts in flawlessly finished high gloss white.


{Photo 3}

Elegance defines beauty and yet suits utility of and for your home through its features and the taller, wider, deeper storage by providing “provisions without wasting space so that nothing is in the way and everything has its place”.

Elegance kitchen leaves you mouth-wide-open stunned with its satin counter tops and detailing of design and style. If you allow me, I shall call it a kitchen that is every Lady’s dream. If you allow me, I shall call it a kitchen that is every Lady’s dream, and please count me in and see for yourself.


{Photo 4}


Elegance Kitchen, Nolte Kitchens = Serene Class

For more details: http://www.nolteindia.com/modular-kitchen/frame_front/elegance;


Photograph source: http://www.nolteindia.com/



When Armani/ Dada bring luxury into your kitchen space

Luxury is my Holy word. And since fashion is possibly one of the next best that trails behind in my adulation list let’s commence our journey through the combination.

Let’s indulge.

During the time when Indians were getting brushed by International high-end fashion, the name that forever sprouted out was Armani. Be it an elite fashion event or a well-supplied, affluent person flaunting or a novice like me wanting to know global fashion, Armani always had a mention.

From later part of the year 2008, when Armani finally touched Indian grounds in the capital city of Delhi to date, we have seen a whole line of Armani collections from leading fashion and lifestyle luxury goods. However, what we still seem unaware of is the ‘elegant’ and stupendous kitchen line of Armani.

I, here, shall apprise you what is ‘also’ Armani and just as the name suggests is supremely tasteful and luxurious. Or shall I say, when Armani designs kitchen, the surreal eloquence that it produces is called – Bridge kitchen.

The Bridge kitchen is the product of collaboration between two coveted names – The Armani Group and the Italian furniture group, Molteni under the brand name Armani/ Dada (Dada being the huge modern kitchen manufacturer of Molteni).

1{Photo 1}

As the owners themselves put it, Bridge kitchen blends with the surroundings, in a way that it bridges the gap between the technical/ functional (kitchen – the heart of the home) and the living/ dining area of the home. With technology, slowly and steadily making its way through every business, why leave behind kitchens is certainly what Armani/ Dada must have thought and therefore, became pioneers of it by introducing technology into their kitchen that is “present but never invasive”.

So, here is when I make the understanding of the product easier for you.

Bridge uses refined colour and material combinations that make it a simple yet uber stylish commodity. It is made of special Brazilian wood with sheen of its own that reflects as a sophisticated kitchen to adorn your living space.

There are various categories/ shapes of modern kitchens that that interest the buyers today, naming a few – the name quite suggestive of its shape – U/ L shaped, parallel, peninsular (wall on 3 sides). Amongst the above categories is also Island, that which stands in the center of a room / kitchen, may or may not be surrounded by additional units.

2{Photo 2}

Bridge kitchen can be customized in any of the abovementioned categories to suit your requirement, though its concept specializes in the island as it connects the cooking and living area very much like a bridge. The paneling within the island is automated and with the press of a button the center partition can instantly move up or down, basis requirement connecting or otherwise the functional area with the living area.

3{Photo 3}

Within the island area, Bridge mostly has its distinguished over-head cabinet (put in place with 100 mm panel & high-quality hardware) which implies unlike wall unit these are not required to be hung on the wall. Also, point to note is that within the island, ceiling is too high for over-head cabinet to be hung.

The base unit mostly consists of a space of storage/ pantry, cooking column or the washing area.

The work-top is made of stainless steel/ glass (though not so advisable)/ exclusive marbles (most recommended).

Apart from the independent island area, Bridge could have independent tall unit consisting of built-in refrigeration unit, wine chiller, oven and microwave and so on. These come with a special feature of pocket doors which vanish when slid and can entirely conceal the components of the unit.

4{Photo 4}

Apart from the many main features, Armani/ Dada kitchens come with plug-in system which means none of the kitchen fixing requires carpentry. The installation takes about 7-10 days of time.

So when you are doing up your home and want the Armani/ Dada Bridge to grace your ever-so-classy taste, please make sure to order the product four months in advance for it to be specially designed/ produced for you and be transited from Italy. As long as it may sound, trust the word, it not really is when you plan to invest in an artsy piece like this which also comes with a 10 year warranty. Also, let’s go practically and understand that kitchen is usually the last bit of the home to be put together which zeroes upon to the fact that you shall have all the time to own the Armani/ Dada extravagance.


{Photo 5}

Adding to the above details is my personal liking for the Brand and product, which I realized while I had a complete Italian meal during my visit to Italy last year  (2016). An Italian meal comprises of 4-5 courses that is fresh, aesthetically presented with tastes that make our palate dance, devouring which we get to know how to best enjoy food and company.  On the very visit I also chanced upon visiting the Molteni Museum (house of their display pieces and History of the Brand), and must I say, Italians know their ways and details not just with food, but also kitchens.

Let me say no more, but say the least :: Bridge Kitchen, Armani/ Dada = Lavish


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Photograph source: Armani/ Dada


Dreams in the lap of comfort and style :: Clip Beds, Molteni &C

When you say Italian furniture the name Moleni &C automatically springs up. It is a brand that celebrates its’ distinct presence in the business with an exhibition at Milan’s Galleria d’Arte Moderna, 80!Molteni. The very fact, yells at me to say – I am luxury.

Having already written about the smashing beauty of a Dada (Motleni) kitchen and enamoured by its sheer class it is no wonder that other Molteni &C designs and products also leave me luxury-struck.

The product that I talk of here is another masterpiece of elegance and utility – Clip beds, Molteni &C.

1{Photo 1}

There are beds and there are designs and there are brands. But when you have the experience of an 80 year old Italian brand gaining fruition in its sophisticatedly designed Clip bed, you get to know about comfortable bed, grandeur in design and glory of brand that says,

“A long ride, with a few obstacles and many challenges, from 1934 to the present. And the feeling that it is never enough… No, “knowledge” is not enough anymore, but we have a magnificent obsession for quality every day and in every detail.”

Clip bed is not just about its petty presence but also its comfort the founding idea of which is obtained from a paperclip. It is a bed that can be folded back on itself along the length of the bed. The headboard is adjustable to several different positions making it amongst the most comfortable ever. Never would you imagine a luxury product of a luxury brand to offer you plethora of options to choose from but Molteni &C does it for you. The upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics and leather. Not the least, as it is also completely removable to save you from boredom of seeing the same fabric every day in your bedroom.

2{Photo 2}

Clip bed is designed by Patricia Urquiola who was born in Spain and designs in Italy. Undoubtedly, she takes from her conventional roots and modern experiences that combine to produce majestic designs. The Clip bed aesthetically and engaging reflects the words of its designer,

“Affection is a subtle connection which is established with objects. […] Because we have to live with objects daily”.

3{Photo 3}

When you slip onto the clip bed, you know you belong. The cozy comfort that it provides tells you that you shall get used to sleeping in it and dreaming big. It tells you that you no more shall sleep in such affluent security if it is not for the clip bed.

That, my friend, is when you know you are in the lap of luxury that many envy.

Clip Bed, Molteni &C = Opulence in bed


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Photograph source: Molteni &C online