When Armani/ Dada bring luxury into your kitchen space

Luxury is my Holy word. And since fashion is possibly one of the next best that trails behind in my adulation list let’s commence our journey through the combination.

Let’s indulge.

During the time when Indians were getting brushed by International high-end fashion, the name that forever sprouted out was Armani. Be it an elite fashion event or a well-supplied, affluent person flaunting or a novice like me wanting to know global fashion, Armani always had a mention.

From later part of the year 2008, when Armani finally touched Indian grounds in the capital city of Delhi to date, we have seen a whole line of Armani collections from leading fashion and lifestyle luxury goods. However, what we still seem unaware of is the ‘elegant’ and stupendous kitchen line of Armani.

I, here, shall apprise you what is ‘also’ Armani and just as the name suggests is supremely tasteful and luxurious. Or shall I say, when Armani designs kitchen, the surreal eloquence that it produces is called – Bridge kitchen.

The Bridge kitchen is the product of collaboration between two coveted names – The Armani Group and the Italian furniture group, Molteni under the brand name Armani/ Dada (Dada being the huge modern kitchen manufacturer of Molteni).

1{Photo 1}

As the owners themselves put it, Bridge kitchen blends with the surroundings, in a way that it bridges the gap between the technical/ functional (kitchen – the heart of the home) and the living/ dining area of the home. With technology, slowly and steadily making its way through every business, why leave behind kitchens is certainly what Armani/ Dada must have thought and therefore, became pioneers of it by introducing technology into their kitchen that is “present but never invasive”.

So, here is when I make the understanding of the product easier for you.

Bridge uses refined colour and material combinations that make it a simple yet uber stylish commodity. It is made of special Brazilian wood with sheen of its own that reflects as a sophisticated kitchen to adorn your living space.

There are various categories/ shapes of modern kitchens that that interest the buyers today, naming a few – the name quite suggestive of its shape – U/ L shaped, parallel, peninsular (wall on 3 sides). Amongst the above categories is also Island, that which stands in the center of a room / kitchen, may or may not be surrounded by additional units.

2{Photo 2}

Bridge kitchen can be customized in any of the abovementioned categories to suit your requirement, though its concept specializes in the island as it connects the cooking and living area very much like a bridge. The paneling within the island is automated and with the press of a button the center partition can instantly move up or down, basis requirement connecting or otherwise the functional area with the living area.

3{Photo 3}

Within the island area, Bridge mostly has its distinguished over-head cabinet (put in place with 100 mm panel & high-quality hardware) which implies unlike wall unit these are not required to be hung on the wall. Also, point to note is that within the island, ceiling is too high for over-head cabinet to be hung.

The base unit mostly consists of a space of storage/ pantry, cooking column or the washing area.

The work-top is made of stainless steel/ glass (though not so advisable)/ exclusive marbles (most recommended).

Apart from the independent island area, Bridge could have independent tall unit consisting of built-in refrigeration unit, wine chiller, oven and microwave and so on. These come with a special feature of pocket doors which vanish when slid and can entirely conceal the components of the unit.

4{Photo 4}

Apart from the many main features, Armani/ Dada kitchens come with plug-in system which means none of the kitchen fixing requires carpentry. The installation takes about 7-10 days of time.

So when you are doing up your home and want the Armani/ Dada Bridge to grace your ever-so-classy taste, please make sure to order the product four months in advance for it to be specially designed/ produced for you and be transited from Italy. As long as it may sound, trust the word, it not really is when you plan to invest in an artsy piece like this which also comes with a 10 year warranty. Also, let’s go practically and understand that kitchen is usually the last bit of the home to be put together which zeroes upon to the fact that you shall have all the time to own the Armani/ Dada extravagance.


{Photo 5}

Adding to the above details is my personal liking for the Brand and product, which I realized while I had a complete Italian meal during my visit to Italy last year  (2016). An Italian meal comprises of 4-5 courses that is fresh, aesthetically presented with tastes that make our palate dance, devouring which we get to know how to best enjoy food and company.  On the very visit I also chanced upon visiting the Molteni Museum (house of their display pieces and History of the Brand), and must I say, Italians know their ways and details not just with food, but also kitchens.

Let me say no more, but say the least :: Bridge Kitchen, Armani/ Dada = Lavish


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Photograph source: Armani/ Dada

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