Love your kitchen like your food :: Elegance, Nolte Kitchens

Germany, being a breathtaking, beautiful Western European country is home to revered names of history like Albert Einstein, Karl Marx and so on. Germany is also famous for its good life that is replete of Beethoven’s music, beer-cascading Oktoberfest, mountain-carved castles. And then, when it comes to luxury enthusiasts all over the world drool over German cars, namely Audi, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. That is the taste of luxury when it comes to Germany.

One such element of German luxury, beauty and class is the Nolte Kitchens GmbH & Co. KG, a kitchen furniture manufacturer and part of the Nolte Group.


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A company founded by Georg Nolte in 1923 was specifically enlarged by his son, Konrad Nolte by 1947 wherein, he introduced modern ways of manufacturing resulting in a whole new revolution in the furniture industry.

With advancements and innovation that were closely intertwined with tradition, came to existence Nolte Kitchens in 1958. Nolte Kitchens has since maintained high quality standards that perfectly suit your style.

With a series of innovative kitchens getting produced to serve its customers according to their style, budget and size of their rooms, comes one that tells a unique story of its own like every Nolte kitchen – Elegance.

And with it, we get an addition to our luxury list.

Elegance by Nolte speaks the language of serenity and sheer beauty that is White. And as the “name says it all”, so does its colour.


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When you look at the Elegance kitchen you know it comes from a background of utmost class. If it is a part of your home you would have a corner to love forever. This is a kitchen that helps you cater to your healthy living needs by means of good food and calming your senses. It is a distinct beauty that comes with chrome-finish handles, convenient glass panels, and frame fronts in flawlessly finished high gloss white.


{Photo 3}

Elegance defines beauty and yet suits utility of and for your home through its features and the taller, wider, deeper storage by providing “provisions without wasting space so that nothing is in the way and everything has its place”.

Elegance kitchen leaves you mouth-wide-open stunned with its satin counter tops and detailing of design and style. If you allow me, I shall call it a kitchen that is every Lady’s dream. If you allow me, I shall call it a kitchen that is every Lady’s dream, and please count me in and see for yourself.


{Photo 4}


Elegance Kitchen, Nolte Kitchens = Serene Class

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