Dreams in the lap of comfort and style :: Clip Beds, Molteni &C

When you say Italian furniture the name Moleni &C automatically springs up. It is a brand that celebrates its’ distinct presence in the business with an exhibition at Milan’s Galleria d’Arte Moderna, 80!Molteni. The very fact, yells at me to say – I am luxury.

Having already written about the smashing beauty of a Dada (Motleni) kitchen and enamoured by its sheer class it is no wonder that other Molteni &C designs and products also leave me luxury-struck.

The product that I talk of here is another masterpiece of elegance and utility – Clip beds, Molteni &C.

1{Photo 1}

There are beds and there are designs and there are brands. But when you have the experience of an 80 year old Italian brand gaining fruition in its sophisticatedly designed Clip bed, you get to know about comfortable bed, grandeur in design and glory of brand that says,

“A long ride, with a few obstacles and many challenges, from 1934 to the present. And the feeling that it is never enough… No, “knowledge” is not enough anymore, but we have a magnificent obsession for quality every day and in every detail.”

Clip bed is not just about its petty presence but also its comfort the founding idea of which is obtained from a paperclip. It is a bed that can be folded back on itself along the length of the bed. The headboard is adjustable to several different positions making it amongst the most comfortable ever. Never would you imagine a luxury product of a luxury brand to offer you plethora of options to choose from but Molteni &C does it for you. The upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics and leather. Not the least, as it is also completely removable to save you from boredom of seeing the same fabric every day in your bedroom.

2{Photo 2}

Clip bed is designed by Patricia Urquiola who was born in Spain and designs in Italy. Undoubtedly, she takes from her conventional roots and modern experiences that combine to produce majestic designs. The Clip bed aesthetically and engaging reflects the words of its designer,

“Affection is a subtle connection which is established with objects. […] Because we have to live with objects daily”.

3{Photo 3}

When you slip onto the clip bed, you know you belong. The cozy comfort that it provides tells you that you shall get used to sleeping in it and dreaming big. It tells you that you no more shall sleep in such affluent security if it is not for the clip bed.

That, my friend, is when you know you are in the lap of luxury that many envy.

Clip Bed, Molteni &C = Opulence in bed


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Photograph source: Molteni &C online

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