Who am I?

What am I here for?

What is it that I intend to write that must move you to come back for more?

What is it that is close to my heart so much so, that I wish to reach out to you all through it?

Well, the “it” that I talk about, must I reveal it to you is a part of me that dwells deep within me and every heart that heart that aims of flying in and with success. It is called Luxury!!

Luxury, to me, is not just a word.

Luxury is an experience that transports you to the world of your lofty dreams and enchantingly whispers into your ears – ‘I am right here, I am no more a dream’,

The whispers leave you elated, feel accomplished, contended yet wanting for more.

Hold onto me, because here is where you get ‘more’. I shall take you to my world of lofty dreams and riches. Through my words and pieces that denote ‘rich’ I shall touch you in a way, that you build your dreams with me and while you construct those, you just have to know what luxury tells you – ‘I am a state-of-mind, that which is physically attainable’.

When my words touch you in a way that, even before you do so, luxury itself stares you in the eye, please remember, it is :: justvidhukapur



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