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Epitome of classic grandeur:: Chandrakanta Kapur

I beseech you-

Is luxury found only in a product, a vacation, clothing or anything that ends up subtracting your cash or could it be more– more than just squandering money, more than just being pompous?

Could luxury reflect in a person, could luxury ‘Be’ a person.

Pay it a minute, think & share down below.

Years back, I met a lady when I was still a young one. Not knowing then, what luxury meant what I would take from her? But from what I know today, I not only possess her genes but also her ultra luxurious personality that brushed onto mine while I was growing up. Well, if that sounds boastful, well it ain’t the intention, but the truth certainly be told. Little was it realized then, that her rich charm was silently enticing her grandchild i.e. me. I take the opportunity to introduce to you My Granny- Mrs. Chandrakanta Kapur.


{Photo 1} – Mrs. Chandrakanta Kapur (rightmost)

She was a lady with elite ways. She may not have been famous or known to the world but she oozed every bit of luxury in how she held herself. When I look back today, I tell you, all this story-telling is not because I was wowed by her as a kid & certainly not cause I am her rich bloodline– from an affluent family of pre-war era of Burma, now Rangoon. Also, I am not sure if this is the reason behind her sophisticated ways or was she just born to be so. All I know, to me she was the epitome of style laden with simplicity & I am her proud living legacy.

Let me tell you please, this is not the story of a wannabe kid wanting to grow up in haste at the blink of an eye to dress up in style. If you ever met her, My Grandmother, you would know she was not the most stylish, in terms of clothes & yet she commanded the attention of the room with her presence. And that is just what a then-kid like me got hooked onto. It was just her presence that made people re-look at her with love.

She had to forever leave her ancestral home, forced by war but she could not leave behind her rich past & her rich ways. She began to live the life of a middle-class commoner in India, yet years later when she’s physically gone, we still talk of & reminisce her uptight ways.

Maybe true, I have not chanced upon meeting all the Maharajas & Nawabs to know luxury in a person. However, I have chanced upon experience, experience that tells me that true class reflects finer, through a commoner who embodies it as opposed any person with a silver spoon with all the fortunate means to grow up in luxury.


{Photo 2} – Grand-daughter of The Lady, Ms. Vidhu Kapur

My Grandmother, as luck would have it, lived the life of a simple homely woman, nurturing soul worked hard to accustom herself to a commoner’s life & yet came out as a well-appreciated wife, a mother, a grandmother, unaware of the fact that she still carried on, to pass her rich lineage to me & all in The Family.

Why I tell you about her today is for you to know that luxury IS an experience & could very well be embodied by a person. Sometimes out of simplicity rises luxury, that, which shines out as the excelsior of luxury. My Grandmother was a simple woman yet she was the seed of luxury, as I see it, in me today. She did not have to be famous or rich to inspire me towards the material world of luxury. Today I pick on luxury items (the ones that I can afford) but what forever stands out is that it was no product or expensive material that brought me to This world. Rather it was a person, it was a simple person. She inspired luxury in me, to be that & to own that.

So I want you all to know that experiencing fulfilling life is not only about living happy. Though, that most definitely is a great deal. Experiencing rich & fulfilling life is also about keenly observing & living luxury the way one is blessed– as the real journey of life also stems out of the very life & people around who might be emanating luxury. I urge you to not miss out on this lovely life & the fabulous people we get to meet in it. Just keep your eyes & senses wide open– you shall know that luxury also lives within us– it is all about experiencing it.

And when you truly experience it, I would like you to answer my question again– is luxury found only through pots of money or did you also experience it in a person??

My Dearest GrandMother showering love from Heaven = Ultimate luxury of love that lives within just.vidhu.kapur

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Photograph source: Kapur’s & Khanna’s Family Album